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Description Care Disvover travel health insurance

Care Discover – Health Insurance for Travelers Worldwide

FAQ for the health insurance abroad Care Discover

Who can take out an insurance for the health insurance for foreign travel Care Discover?

The insurance “Care Discover” is available for everybody up to 66 years, who stay up to 3 years outside their home country.

What terms of the policy are possible?

The minimum term of the foreign insurance “Care Discover” is 10 days. The maximum term of the policy, including any and all extensions, is 3 years. Minimum premium per person and term: €13.90.

What does the insurance cost?

Premium list Care Discover
AgePremium per day
up to 35 years1,39 EUR / Day
up to 65 years2,49 EUR / Day
Minimum premium per person and term: €13.90
The maximum term of the policy, including any and all extensions, is 3 years
The product Care Discover automatically includes in addition to health insurance, a liability insurance, which can not be voted out of office, and provides additional protection during their stay abroad.

Is the policy extended automatically?

The insurance policy expires at the agreed point in time. There is no automatic extension.

What must be considered when extending a policy?

Renewal of the current insurance(s) is possible. Should your stay be extended, the originally agreed duration of cover can only be extended if the application for renewal is received by Care Concept AG in written form before expiry of the original policy and the insurer expressly agrees to this. For renewals, the insurance policy only covers events occurring after the application to extend the policy was made.

How, and in what cases, is it possible to terminate the policy?

If you end your stay abroad prematurely, you can cancel the insurance in writing. If you are refused a visa or do not enter the country for other reasons, you have the option to cancel the requested insurance in writing before cover begins.

How do I obtain my insurance confirmation online?

Shortly after you have completed and sent off your online application, you will, after a positive plausibility check, receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided. This email contains the following documents in PDF format, which you can print out and use:

  • Insurance certificate (policy)
  • Terms and conditions of insurance, including client information, data processing leaflet and excerpt from the [German] Insurance (Policies) Act (VVG)

Is it possible to transfer the premiums monthly instead of having them debited directly?

Please understand that payment for the following international health insurance is possible only as a one-time premium via PayPal and credit or debit card before your journey begins. Because of the immensely high costs in international bank transfers in proportion to the comparatively low insurance premiums, a direct debit would be too expensive.

Is long-term invalidity covered?

Yes, a liability insurance is automatically included.

Are stays in hospital and treatment by specialist physicians insured?

In principle, every type of medical treatment which is considered necessary and which did not begin before commencement of the insurance term (prior illness) is covered. The foreign health insurance includes medical treatment by specialists (e.g., orthopaedists, gynaecologists) and in-patient treatment in the general care class, excluding treatment by the head physician. You will find a detailed list of benefits in the description and in the General Terms of Insurance.

What is not covered?

    • illnesses, complaints and consequences of accidents that already exist, or are known, on commencement of cover or renewal and the consequences of such illnesses and accidents that have been treated within the last six months before commencement of cover or renewal.
    • psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatment
    • prophylactic and regular examinations; cancer diagnosis
    • examinations to attain permission of residence
    • innoculations
    • aids not due to an accident (e.g. glasses, contact lenses, compression stockings)
    • pregnancy existing prior to commencement of cover, abortion
    • dental plates (except repairs), orthopedic mandible treatment/implantation treatments, inlays, bruxism bars, gnathology
    • adicction treatment or therapy
    • certificates and attestations

You will find a detailed description of benefits in the insurance conditions.

Care Discover

Care Discover - Health insurance abroad for foreign visitors

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Care Discover – Health insurance for traveller worldwide