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Intercultural competence: Maybe the biggest advantage of a foreign semestre. Students can collect experiences with other cultures, other educational systems and – according to kind of the foreign semestre – with foreign companies. Such experiences with employers desires.

Personal competence: Who gets involved in a foreign semestre, will also profit from it at the personal level. To study in a foreign country makes students look really independently after all problems of the everyday life and organize their study independently. These organizational – but also the interpersonal – competence, can promote the personal development clearly and also be helpful in the later career.

Linguistic proficiency: A foreign semestre offers the perfect opportunity to students to improve their linguistic proficiency. Should this linguistic proficiency be of benefit later also for the professional career, the country as well as the educational institution should be selected under these criteria.

Experiences: This advantage is not covered immediately to the later career chances, an important role plays for students, nevertheless. The study offers abroad the opportunity to collect numerous new experiences and impressions which would not be possible in the habitual sphere. These experiences and experiences can stamp the students with lasting effect and enrich.


Expenses: The cost argument is entitled. A foreign semestre can devour quickly 5-figure sums and hence, is only hardly financeable for students. Indeed, there are the exchange programs as for example the Erasmus programme within the European Union which are partially connected with scholarships.

Slow study progress: Who concentrates only upon an as quick as possible end and the progress necessary for it in the study, should take distance from a foreign semestre rather. Though the study in foreign educational institutions is often recognised in this subject, the provided contents still differ from their German universities. Hence, a foreign semestre can complicate the reentrance in the German study.

Double load:The study at a foreign university can be already very demanding for itself taken. In combination with a foreign language this double load can become fast a real problem. Hence, students should be in the approach about that in the clear that the new language can be not only a chance, but also a perceptible load.