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Study in England

Studies at a university in England

Studying in England

Studium und Universität in EnglandThere are countless reasons why one should consider studying in England. Some of these reasons include things like academic life while others are more general. Here are some examples.

Academic benefits – Your education will be accepted everywhere, no matter where you go

Anyone deciding to get an education in England can be sure that the qualification will be recognized and respected, no matter where one wants to work afterwards. The education will equip you with a solid foundation at the same time as exposing your own potential, giving you better chances of securing a higher salary, not to mention getting your dream job. Each English university is recognized worldwide and is known for having a creative and challenging learning environment, where students are actively encouraged to give of their best. Standards are incredibly high, and each year universities are tested to see whether they are up to the challenges of our modern age. The higher education system in England has long been the model for many education systems with high standards in other countries.

Whatever you want to study, you’ll be able to do it in England

England has countless educational establishments (over 3,000 in 2013), and almost every one of them offers places and opportunities to international students wishing to study there. There is a wide variety of different bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to choose from, and you can combine courses to create a syllabus tailored to your own needs and interests.

English educational establishments have a long history and tradition, offering their students a first-rate education. Oxford and Cambridge are names known the world over for the high quality of their courses and for their dedication to quality education. In England, you can find virtually any course you might wish study, and you will find at least one (and more probably several) universities and colleges willing to help you be one of the best in your field.

You get the skills you need to succeed

In today’s global economy, you need certain skills and qualities to succeed in your field. Employers are looking for highly skilled workers who bring with them a wide set of specific skills which also include effective, critical and creative thinking. Also, good English speakers are highly sought-after – and where better to learn English than in its home country? You can immerse yourself in the language and learn to live and work through the medium of English, and even think in English.

The experience of studying and learning in England will give you the skills you need in today’s workplace. In England, you’re encouraged to read, to think independently, to analyze things and to question what you’ve learned and read. Did you know, for example, that English scientists and institutions have won almost 100 Nobel Prizes? Few countries come close to this level of achievement. People studying art, fashion, film, TV and computer game design in England are among the best in the world.

England knows how to treat international students

England is one of the most popular countries for getting a university education. Generations of international students have already come to England to complete their education, and that means English universities have centuries of experience in working with international students. This means they give you the “red carpet” treatment right from the day you begin your applications to the day you stride across the stage to collect your degree certificate.

There are two major organizations that can help you find out all you need to do, and be aware of, in order to go to England as an international student. The British Council can help with any questions on applying to universities, and will also help you choose the right university for your needs and tell you what to look out for before leaving home. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service can also help you apply to universities in England.

Once the university sends you your letter of acceptance, assistance is also available from them. Many establishments will help you get from the airport to your new home, and some even offer student accommodation for the first year. Each university also has an association of international students, which can help you adapt to life in England and bring you into contact with other internationals.

Financial benefits

English universities are affordable, no matter which one you choose

Doing a degree in England takes considerably less time than in other countries. Whereas, in other countries, one generally needs four years for a bachelor’s degree and another two or three years for a master’s, in England you only need three years for a bachelor’s and one year for a master’s degree (unless you are doing research studies, in which case it can take between 18 months and two years). The shorter time-span means you spend less money in total.

There are also numerous types of financial assistance (grants and loans) available to international students from English establishments and authorities. Over 20,000 international students receive extra financial support from the British government, and it’s also possible to work while studying in England.

Other benefits

England has a unique culture

England is quite a unique place. Thousands of families from around the world have chosen to live in England, and that gives the country a rich multicultural atmosphere, the like of which is found nowhere else. Every year, over 200,000 international students choose to study in England. One can meet people from all over the world here, and the experience you gain from a foreign stay is heightened by the opportunity to come into contact with so many different types of people. It’s possible to gain impressions and insights into other countries and cultures, and you can learn so much more than you can in your home country.

However, it’s not just cosmopolitan flair that puts England in a class of its own. England is also the largest constituent part of the United Kingdom and has an interesting and varied history, which makes it an ideal place for people of different backgrounds. And, of course, in cities like London the shopping is amazing! Across the country, the nightlife is very diverse, and there’s always something to do. Art galleries, concerts, markets and pubs are popular places in England for getting together with others and having fun.

If you decide to study in England you’ll never be bored – there is always something new to do, and there are always new people to meet.

England is the bridge to the rest of Europe

England’s the right place for anyone looking to take a trip through Europe. Without leaving the United Kingdom you can become familiar with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and learn about the different backgrounds and lifestyles of these countries. Public transport make it easy to travel around the whole of the UK and get to know its attractions. As a student you can get some preferential prices, for example when buying a monthly pass ticket.

This public transport system can also be used throughout the rest of Europe. The Channel Tunnel (sometimes referred to as “the chunnel”) runs deep beneath the English Channel and takes you directly to mainland Europe the same day. One can buy tickets for public transport in other countries and then travel to them while “on the continent”. You should, however, ensure beforehand that you have the necessary documents (e.g. passport or identity card) with you, and you should also be sure to take enough time, say a weekend or during the holidays, to discover the special features the European continent has to offer.

A first-class education in a multicultural country can help one prepare for life after university. And it is also a unique opportunity to get to know, and enjoy, England and Europe in a very special way.

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