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Work in the USA

Find out how you can work in the USA

Work in the USA

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From rags to riches: The clichéd saying we often use in this country is anything but pure invention. Indeed, nowhere else are the opportunities and freedoms as high as in the US. Anyone with any career promise can make it fairly big there.

That said, the keys to success when working in the United States include not just technical skills but also a healthy dose of self-confidence and perseverance.

Opportunities and ways to set about working in the US

The US unemployment rate in April 2015 was 5.4%, slightly below that of Germany (6.5% in April 2015). Particularly strong growth has been experienced in recent years in the following sectors:

Mechanical engineering
Motor vehicle industry
Chemical industry
Communications technology
Medical equipment
Environmental engineering

Specific job opportunities in the US

Skilled workers, technicians and engineers in the aforementioned disciplines are in great demand on the American labor market. In addition, university professors, academics and scientists generally have a very good chance of being able to work in the United States.

What degrees or professions are sought-after in the United States?

Official labor market statistics show that, in addition to the professions already mentioned, the following also have a good chance of finding a job in the US:

Nursing staff
Dental assistants
Medical assistants
Social workers
Kindergarten/nursery teachers
Auto mechatronic technicians
Plumbing and heating technicians
Civil engineers
Construction workers
Financial accounting staff
Insurance professionals
PR professionals
Hotel and restaurant professionals
Fitness and aerobics trainers
Professional drivers
Guards and security staff

How to find jobs in the US

Due to the immigration requirements, it is necessary in all cases to have a job before you leave home.

Vacancies can be obtained, for example, from the German Employment Agency’s Central International Placement Services Unit (Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung). Indeed, websites like Monster and StepStone also feature jobs in the US.

Working in the United States – immigration

German nationals can enter the country without a visa for private or business stays of up to 90 days. For anything beyond that, however, you will require a visa – even if you only want to work in the US temporarily.

Important: It is not possible to enter the United States on a tourist visa and then apply for a work permit while in the country. Rather, your American employer must contact the US authorities and do this for you ahead of time. Only once the permission is granted may you apply for a work visa. These temporary visas are issued by the US Embassy in Berlin and the Consulate General in Frankfurt. They may be extended as required. Since a certain amount of red tape is involved, you should attend to this well before your visa expires.

Working in the US – what do I need to know?

As regards the application process, there are some differences that you should bear in mind if you want to work in the US. For example, your application should not include a photograph, as this is not customary procedure. The same applies to copies of certificates and references. Applications in the US require only two documents:

The cover letter and
Resume (c.v.).

The cover letter is extremely important as it has to convince your would-be employer to take a closer look at your application. A study has shown that hiring managers in the US look at a new application for an average of 15 seconds. If you manage to arouse interest within this short time, then you are already a major step further.

As regards the resume, it is important to know that including personal details such as gender, marital status or ethnic origin is an absolute no-no. The only details to be stated are those of relevance to the job. Before the list featuring each position or activity to date, you should insert a short introductory paragraph highlighting your qualifications and skills. Where possible, you should end your resume with some references, i.e. the contact details of individuals who can vouch for you and whom your new employer can contact, if he/she so wishes, to obtain information about you.

Nowadays, almost without exception, written applications to work in the US are sent by email.

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