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Work & Travel requirements

Work & Travel – flexible and impulsively on the way

Work & Travel – flexible and spontaneously on the way

Work & Travel – flexibel und spontan unterwegs Numerous providers specialize in Work & Travel programs. Depending on the country, participants must meet specific conditions:

18 years old or over
Upper age limit of 30 or 35 years
Evidence of financial back-up
Evidence of a return airline ticket
Presentation of a certificate of good conduct
Evidence of language proficiency

The exact conditions depend on the destination country which the participant wishes to visit.

Ideal prospects for participants with professional experience

Job-hunting is especially easy for backpackers with some professional experience already under their belts. Practical skills in trades or experience in the restaurant business can be advantageous. Students who have completed an internship during school or gained experience in a summer job should be sure to have these references translated and take them with them to the destination country, as this can be a major help in looking for a job.
Work & Travel – flexible and adaptable

With Work & Travel, your foreign stay is not planned down to the last detail, leaving much of the planning in your own hands while you’re there. The only firm date is your date of arrival. Accommodation is usually also secured for the first few days. After that, travelers are free to shape their own stays themselves, with the organizations there locally to assist with

Dealing with authorities
Accommodation searches

For young people looking for adventure and wanting to enjoy their freedom, Work & Travel is the perfect choice. Work & Travel is a good option for a young person on the road to independence, moving away from a world of domestic rules and regulations. Friends often opt for a joint stay, which also eases the transition to the host country. But once you’re there, the first meetings quickly produce opportunities to get to know other participants. There are numerous travel reports by other travelers, available on the Internet, which can convey an impression of staying in a foreign country. In addition,

Personal advice and guidance sessions and
Stands at trade fairs and exhibitions

also offer a wealth of further information.

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